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Privacy Policy

GArch corporation, Prestige Club (hereinafter, the Company) recognizes the importance of personal information obtained from everyone of stakeholders, we believe that one of the most important issues on the management together with the fact that to protect is the basis of our business activities you.

In order to continue to provide the service of peace of mind, safety and trust to everyone, make them known to all employees established a basic policy such as the following, you have to comply with it.

1. the basic policy

  1. The Company will comply with other laws and regulations to the Personal Information Protection Law and related. In addition, the internal rules relating to the protection of personal information (hereinafter, our regulations) define the, to accomplish this, while maintaining, and strive to continuously improve.
  2. Our company, as well as establish a management system for the protection of personal information, and well-known our regulations to officers and employees, and strive to its compliance thorough.
  3. The Company will handle personal information within the scope of the explicit purpose of use to you. In addition, the company is the personal information provided by customers, except when there is a case or a legitimate reason there is the consent of the customer, does not disclose or provide to a third party.
  4. The Company, along with the keep personal information accurate and up-to-date state, unauthorized access to personal information, disclosure of personal information, loss, strive to prevent such damage, improvement of information security, will continue to implement corrective.
  5. Our company, inquiries about personal information from customers, and respond sincerely and quickly to your request for disclosure.

2. use of personal information

We are, if you provide your personal information from customers, clearly the purpose of the pre-personal information, and then used within the scope of its intended use. Beyond the scope of pre-explicit purpose of use, if you need to use your personal information occurs, the customer to contact you to that effect, and available on which obtained your consent. Use of personal information held by the Company are as follows.

  1. Personal information about you
    • Negotiations with customers, your meetings, etc.
    • Commodity, dispatch and Other Documents
    • Services, guidance sending of such events
    • Customer support, the provision of maintenance
    • Responding to inquiries and inquiries
    • Provide a variety of subscription services
    • Service development, questionnaire survey, the implementation of such as a monitor
    • Fulfillment of the contract
  2. Personal information about applicants for employment
    • Provision and communication, such as adoption of information to applicants for employment
    • Adopt business management of the Company

3. proper acquisition of personal information

The Company, the acquisition of personal information is done in a lawful and fair means.

4. provide personal information

  1. The Company, except in the following cases, does not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties.
    1. If you have the consent of the customer
    2. If based on the laws and regulations
    3. Human life, be necessary for the protection of health or property, when it is difficult to take the customer's consent
    4. To the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, if you want to entrust the handling of personal information
    5. Merger, when the company split, succession of the business is carried out by the business transfer or other reasons
  2. Our company, regardless of the above (1), provision of services to customers, with respect to the corresponding to inquiries, etc., in a case where it is determined to be appropriate where I am allowed to correspondence from our affiliated company or agency, your address , you may want to provide full name, a phone number, etc., to the affiliated companies and the like. In this case, customers will be able to claim the suspension of personal information provided to the affiliated companies of the Company, and the like.

5. inquiries regarding personal information

Inquiries about disclosure, correction or deletion of your personal information, please contact us from the inquiry form.

6. other matters

1. About access information
This site, in order to be allowed to offer a better service, there is a case to get the access log information. Please note. Acquisition of the access log is not for the purpose of personally identifiable information of customers.
2. Cookies
This site, in order for you to use more comfortable, we use cookies (Cookie) in the part of the site. For cookies and IP address information, for in them alone can not identify a specific individual, does not believe that personal information. It should be noted that the cookie information, it is possible to reject in your browser settings.
A supplement to the Google Analytics

This website uses "Google Analytics" web analysis service provided by Google. Google Analytics in order to web analytics website usage, we use a "cookie". The "cookie" means that the text files that are placed on your computer. your home use information generated by the cookie (including your IP address) is sent to the server of the United States, and store. Google is related to these anonymous information about your behavior, in order to evaluate the use of the website by the customer, in order to collect the website activity reports for website operators, and to the activities and use of the Internet home page it used to provide other services with. Google also, in addition to the above, the third party if such information, the third party for processing information for a third party or Google should provide information in accordance with the provisions of the law have it may be provided for. Google is not that your IP address and Google associate other data held. Customers, but by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser you can deny the use of the cookie, in which case, please note that there is a case where full functionality of this website is not available. When there is a use of the website, for that Google will process the data about you in the manner described above and purposes, it is assumed that there was your consent. Also, when you install the plug-ins you can also prevent the collection of cookie and IP address:  Http://Tools.Google.Com/dlpage/gaoptout  .

To disable the use of data by Google Analytics here please click. By disabling, this site does not collect your data in the future.

Please check for further details of the terms of use and privacy policy at the following URL.  Google Analytics Terms of Service  /  Google's privacy policy at this website, in order to ensure execution IP address of the anonymity of the (IP masking), the Google Analytics "gat._anonymizeIp ();". Has been expansion in the code.

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