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To visit Takachiho-kyo from Kirishima Shrine (2) Takachiho-kyo, Miyazaki Prefecture

It passes through the mountains of Aso, we visited Takachiho-kyo, Miyazaki Prefecture, famous sights as the stage of the myth are many scattered. Takachiho-kyo Takachiho-kyo, Miyazaki Prefecture, the northernmost, located on the border between Oita and Ku ...


Japan Visit Staff blog

To visit Takachiho-kyo from Kirishima Shrine (1) Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture - Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture

We visited the Kyushu region, there are lots of famous sights as a stage of Japanese mythology, during the summer. From beginning from Sakurajima, Kirishima, Mount Aso etc., in the Kyushu area, you may find lots of impressive views of the majestic mountai ...


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Takasaki "Daruma" and autumn leaves at Shorinzan-Darumaji

We visited Shorinzan-Darumaji located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, known for birthplace of good-luck("Fuku") Daruma, famous traditional craft in Japan. Autumn leaves of landscaped spacious garden was very impressive. Shorinzan-Darumaji And go up th ...


Japan Visit Staff blog

Shima Onsen and Sekizenkan Ryokan to enjoy Autumn seasons

Shima Onsen at Gunma Prefecture  About an hour and a half's drive from Tokyo, we visited to Shima Onsen at Gunma prefecture to enjoy seeing colorful fall leaves and staying hotspring & spa resort village during the weekend. "Shima Onsen" started as ho ...


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Gunma Prefecture Highlights! Kusatsu Onsen, Tomioka World heritage, Takasaki Daruma and more, with private tourist guide

Enjoy Japanese Traditional Culture Experiences at Gunma prefecture, Kusatsu, Ikaho, Tomioka, Mizusawa, Takasaki and more with private tour guide    ○ Unlike package tour, because it is a private tourism,  is totally free from stress of chasing the fixed t ...

Japan Event Japan Visit Staff blog

Hospitality to an important person with Kagami Crystal

Are you familiar with Kagami Crystal? Considering special memorial gift for your important family,friends,and guests,how would you find out and select the special piece ? For example, French Baccarat crystal is certainly good choice, but the superior Japa ...


Japan Event Japan Visit Staff blog

Nikko Toshogu Yomeimon(national treasure) is now open after repair every 40 years

Nikko Toshogu of Yomeimon, World Heritage and  Japanese National Treasure, was finally re-open to public after 4 years's repair efforts  Using the weekend we have been to Nikko Toshogu in Tochigi Prefecture. Since Toshogu Yomeimon (Sun-light gate) had bee ...

Japan Event Japan Visit Staff blog

Japonism 2018 opening (Japan-France Friendship 160 anniversary) DrumTAO first performance at France

Japanese-French friendship 160 Anniversary "Japonisme 2018" is now strated Japonism 2018, which was implemented based upon agreement with the Japan-French summit on May 2016. It became starting on July12 in Paris,France.  It will continue,approaching unti ...

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Article by our representative is posted on "First time overseas business" issued by SWBS in Japan

"First time overseas business" was recently published by SWBS, Small and medium-sized enterprises infrastructure development mechanism in Japan Recently, Small and medium-sized mechanism in Japan, Small & Medium Enterprise World Business Support ("SWB ...

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